Alexis Baghdadi, Winner of FVIN’s “Professional Volunteer Travel Award!”

FVIN Pro Volunteer Award Recipient

FVIN Pro Volunteer Award Recipient, Alexis Baghdadi

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) has a great need for professional volunteers to spend extended time giving service to their organization in country.  In an effort to help them find the best professional volunteer for their needs at the moment, Friends of Volunteers Intiative Nepal (FVIN) ran a $3,000 travel award contest at the end of 2014.

Alexis Baghdadi, a skilled writer/editor from Beirut, Lebanon was the recipient of the recent “Professional Volunteer Award” sponsored by FVIN. Alexis will travel to Nepal in 2015 to help our partner VIN publish a book commemorating 10 years of its Volunteer Program.

The Award will support Alexis during his 5-month stay with a family in Kathmandu. While there, he will help compile research-based articles, success stories and testimonials from community stakeholders and volunteers to tell VIN’s story. The book will document VIN’s trials, successes and challenges.

Alexis is a passionate and versatile writer whose experience extends from corporate clients to academic institutions and cultural NGOs. His background covers almost all communication media, with a marked preference for storytelling in print publications and e-books. He is also highly socially motivated and was a founding member of a pioneer organization championing sustainable development in Lebanon: SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon.

Alexis has agreed to blog about his experiences while volunteering with VIN here – stay tuned!

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