Happy Nepali New Year 2071!

May this year bring many blessings to you and yours!!!  

My semester in graduate school here in the states is winding down, but the new Nepali school year is getting ready to start anew! 


As a student in a critical South Asia Area Studies program, I’m acutely aware of the multitude of problems that exist, not only in Nepal but in the many unequal local and global power structures in which all of our lives are embedded.

Nepal is a breathtakingly beautiful place, but many people’s lives here are very difficult. There is so much love, and so much pain…


Image*Our little sister we (Friends of VIN USA) support in Okhaldhunga, Nepal

Image*Our little sister receiving clothes and school materials from Shyam, VIN Child Development Program Officer

We CAN all work together to make this world a better place ♥

Since 2012, FVIN has been honored to support these 17 girls and their communities. I can tell you firsthand that that they are lovely, amazing young women.

Image*Myself and a few of our supported girls in Jitpur VDC, Nepal

Soon they will be the leaders our world needs! 

If you are able, please donate to their educational fund. You can help support families and communities that are struggling to provide their girls with the best opportunities!

We have $500 to go to meet our goal of $4,000 for the 2014/2015 year. Come on! Be a part of something bigger 🙂 Anything helps, even $10

Thank you for being you and caring!


Sadie Green (VP)

Friends of VIN 


Save the World One Girl At a Time     Friends of VIN Website       Friends of VIN – Payal        

Friends of VIN USA – Facebook



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