Society of Nepalese in Hawaii

On March 17th, 2012, FVIN hosted a gathering in Honolulu, HI, with the Society of Nepalese in Hawaii. Besides enjoying each other’s company and some delicious chai tea and snacks, we were able to have some important discussions, make connections with one another, and start working together on exciting initiatives for the benefit of the people of Nepal!

Hawaii residents, former FVIN President Dee Chapon, Secretary Ken Moore, and Vice President Sadie Green representing FVIN at a meeting with SNEHA President (and now one of FVIN on-site Independent Observers) Rajib Subba, as well as SNEHA Vice President Man Dhol Rai, and a host of SNEHA, and Honolulu community members.
“It feels good to come together in support of Nepal.”
– FVIN board member, Sadie Green (me!)
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